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Studying history has always involved written documents, the longer ago the more difficult the job since language, grammar, spelling and so on have evolved with time. Only since the arrival of photography in the 19th century have we been able to see precisely what people and places really looked like long ago. But being able to hear their voices too adds an entirely different dimension to our understanding of them and for that we can only go back to the last century or so.

Oral history brings people and their memories to life as nothing else can. Long after they are gone, we can still hear them talking, remembering, describing events that were real to them but are no more than records to us. In this archive you will hear the voices of people from many backgrounds who lived in the Leatherhead district when it was very different from today. Each clip is also accompanied by a written transcript to enrich your understanding.

But history is infinite and the recording of voices is an ongoing requirement as each generation grows older. As we build this archive, some of those heard  will still be very much alive, since our programme of interviews continues today with those recalling a more recent past. We invite you to give us your own interesting story of the Leatherhead district you remember from past years. If you or someone you know has a tale to tell, do please get in touch to arrange an interview.

Contact us by email at editor@lheadmuseum.plus.com



  > Elsie Green MBE

  > Kate Sayers

  > 'Smiler' Marshall

  > Pearce & Brown

  > Mr & Mrs Browning

  > Gina Campbell

  > George Dench

  > Helen Kathleen Keswick

  > Michael Anderson

  > Ed & Moira Tims

  > Ted Hylands

  > Bernard Hooker

  > Edward & Ida Mizen

  > Mary Cree

  > Arthur & Ivy Anderson