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Maps and Plans

Above: Part of a larger map showing where bombs fell in Leatherhead, Fetcham, Bookham and Effingham during World War II. A full size map of the area can be viewed at the Leatherhead Museum of Local History.


Maps and Plans are sorted generally by District and by Category.

When indexing the records in the Document X and W series it was convenient to keep to the strict numerical sequence and to indicate the subject matter by guide letters. This method is not suitable for maps and plans. A breakdown by category of map would seem preferable, the guide letters being used to indicate the category rather than the subject matter. There is in fact a running sequence of numbers which is maintained elsewhere, but this sequence is not apparent in the category breakdown and is not significant for users of the index.

The map categories used are:

OS   Ordnance Survey

CM   “Classic” maps such as Speed etc.

SM   Specialised maps such as Railways, Civil Defence

EM   Estate and Parish maps

PM   Plans, Buildings, Archaeological

PP   Posters, Coats of Arms etc.

 UM   Unsorted. (NOTE: Records requiring sorting into categories).