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HAWKES, Jacquetta - A guide to prehistoric and Roman monuments in England and Wales. Chatto & W., 1951

HAWKES, Jacquetta - Prehistoric Britain. Chatto & W., 1947

WOOD, E.S. -Collins field guide to archaeology. 4th edn. Collins, 1975

Buildings– Conservation

HARVEY, John H. - Conservation of buildings. Baker, 1972

Church Architecture & Archaeology

BOND, Francis - Screens and galleries in English churches. Henry Frowde/OUP, 1908 *

RODWELL, Warwick - The archaeology of the English church: the study of historic churches and churchyards. Batsford, 1981

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Family History

ROGERS, C.D. - The family tree detectives: a manual for analysing and solving genealogical problems in England & Wales, 1538 to present day. Manchester UP, 1983

Local History

BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR LOCAL HISTORY - The Local Historian: Journal of the Brit Assn for Local Hist. Recent copies only

HEY, David , ed - The Oxford companion to local & family history. OUP, 1996

HOSKINS, W.G. - Local history in England. 2nd edn. Longmans, 1974

HOSKINS, W.G. - The making of the English landscape. Penguin, 1955

RICHARDSON, John - The local historian’s encyclopedia. Historical Pubns, 1977, also another copy 1981

ROGERS, Alan - Approaches to local history. 2nd edn. Longmans, 1977

WILLIAMS, Michael A. - Researching local history: the human journey. Longmans, 1996

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Place Names

COPLEY, G.J. - Names and places with a short dictionary of common or well known place-names. Phoenix, 1963 [Includes Ashtead and Leatherhead]

GELLING, Margaret - Signposts to the past: place-names and the history of England. Dent, 1978

Records - Parish Archives & Censuses

HARVEY, John H. - Sources for the history of houses. British Records Assn. “Archives and the User” no 3, 1974 *

HIGGS, Edward - Making sense of the census: the manuscript returns for England & Wales, 1801—1901 [Public Record Office Handbooks no 23] HMSO, 1989

HOUSE OF LORDS RECORD OFFICE - Witnesses before Parliament: a guide to the database of witnesses in Committees on Opposed Private Bills, 1771-1917. House of Lords RO Memorandum no 85, 1997 *

IREDALE, David – Enjoying archives what they are, where to find them,, how to use them. David & Charles, 1973

TATE, W.E. -The parish chest: a study of the records of parochial administration in England. 3rd edn. Phillimore, 1983

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Social & Industrial History

ALDRICH, RICHARD - School and society in Victorian Britain: Joseph Payne and the new world of education. Garland, 1995

BURKE, Thomas - Travel in England from pilgrim and pack-horse to light car and plane. Batsford, 1942

EVANS, George Ewart - Ask the fellows who cut the hay. 2nd edn. Faber 1965

FINCH, W.G. - Life in rural England: occupations and pastimes in field and Village, farm and home, water mill and windmill. Daniel, 1928

GORDON, W.J. - Our home railways: how they began and how they worked. Vol 1. Warne, 1910 [Includes London, Brighton and South Coast Railway]

MUNBY, Lionel - How much is that worth? (The Local Historian at Work 4).

Reference Works

MOORWOOD, James, ed - The pocket Oxford Latin dictionary. OUP, 1994

LEWIS, Samuel - A topographical dictionary of England. 4 vols. Lewis, 1831 [Benger Bequest] *

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See also works listed under names of individual towns, villages or areas


BANNISTER, Nicola R. - Woodland archaeology in Surrey: its recognition and management. Surrey County Council, 1996 [Large box file]

BELLOC, Hilaire - The Stane Street. Constable, 1913

BIRD, David – Roman Surrey.Tempus Pub Ltd, 2004

BIRD, J. & D.G., eds - The archaeology of Surrey to 1540. Surrey Arch Soc, 1987

BLAIR, John - Early medieval Surrey: land holding, church and settlement before 1300. Sutton & Surrey Arch Soc, 1991

COTTON,Jonathan, CROCKER,Glenys and GRAHAM,Audrey, editors – Aspects of archaeology and history in Surrey towards a research framework for the county. Surrey Arch. Society, 2004

DYER, Steve - Cocks Farm, Abinger Hammer, Surrey: an interim report of archaeological excavations on a Romano—British building in 1995. Surrey Arch Soc, 1995 *

DYER, Steve - Cocks Farm, Abinger Hammer, Surrey: a further report, 1996. Surrey Arch Soc, 1996 *

HUNT, Roger and others – Hidden depths: an archaeological exploration of Surrey’s past. Surrey Archaeological Society, 2002

JESSUP, Ronald - South East England: ancient peoples and places. Thames & H, 1970

LEAKEY, L.S.B. - Preliminary excavations of a Mesolithic site at Abinger Common, Surrey. Surrey Arch Research Paper no 3, 1951 *

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LOWTHER, A.G. - Caesar’s Camp, Wimbledon, Surrey: the excavations of 1937. Reprint from Arch Journal vol 102, 1947 *

LOWTHER, A.G. - Iron Age pottery from Wisley, Surrey. Reprint from Proceedings of Prehistoric Soc Paper no 3, 1945 *

LOWTHER, A.G. - Roman villa at Sandilands Road, Walton-on-the-Hill: excavations of 1939-40. Reprint from Surrey Arch Collections vol 51 *

LOWTHER, A.G. - Study of patterns on Roman flue-tiles and their distribution. Surrey Arch Soc Research Paper no 1, 1948 *

MACKINDER, Anthony - A Romano-British cemetery on Watling Street: excavations at 165 Great Dover Street, Southwark, London. Museum of London Archaeology Service, 2000 *

MACKINDER, Anthony and BLATHERWICK, Simon - Bankside: excavations at Benbow House, Southwark, London SEl. Museum of London Archaeology Service, 2000 *

MARGARY, Ivan D. - Roman roads in Britain vol 1. South of the Foss Way - Bristol Channel. Phoenix House, 1957

MILLER, Pat & STEPHENSON, Roy - A 14th century pottery site in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey: excavations at 70—76 Eden Street. MOLAS, 1999 *

POULTON, Rob - Archaeological investigations on the site of Chertsey Abbey. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 11, 1988 *

POULTON, Rob - Saxon secrets in Surrey. ESSO, 1990 [Large box file]

RANKINE, W.F. - The mesolithic of Southern England. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol 4, 1956 *

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STEPHENSON, M., comp - A list of monumental brasses in Surrey. Surrey Arch Soc Reprint, 1970

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Alsted; excavation of a l3th-l4th century sub-manor house, by L.L.Ketteringham. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 2, 1976 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Ancient stained and painted glass in the churches of Surrey. Surrey Arch Soc, 1930

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Archaeological implication of gravel extraction in NW Surrey, by David Longley

 Montague Close excavations 1969—73 part 1, by G.J.Dawson

 The Saxon barrow at Gally Hills, Banstead Downs, by.F.Barfoot & D.P.Williams

 St Catherine’s Hill, a mesolithic site near Guildford, by G.Gabel

 Report on mesolithic industry of Weston Wood, Albury, by E.L. Machin.

 Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 3, 1976 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Brooklands, Weybridge: the excavation of an Iron Age and medieval site, 1964—65 and 1970-71, by Rosamond Hanworth & D.J.Tomalin

 Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 4 1977 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Catteshall Mill, Godalming: a survey of the history and archaeology, by Alan & Glenys Crocker. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 8, 1981 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Collections. Vols 1 (parts 1 & 2); 2 (parts 1,2 & 3); 3-5; 6 (part 1 only); 7 (parts 2 & 3 only) and all subsequent volumes to date Cumulative indices up to vol 70. 1856 to date

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SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Excavations in Old Town, Croydon, 1968—70,

The Montague Close Delftware factory prior to 1969, by G.J.Dawson & Rhoda Edwards

Excavations of a glasshouse at Norfolk House, Lambeth, by G . J . Dawson

The River Wey bridges between Farnham and Guildford, by Derek Renn

Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 1, 1974 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Excavations on the site of the Dominican Friary at Guildford in 1974 and 1972, by R.Poulton & Humphrey Woods. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 9,1984  *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - 199 Borough High Street, Southwark; excavations in 1962, by D.J.Turner & C.R.Orton . Excavations at Guy’s Hospital, 1967, by G.J.Dawson. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 7, 1979 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Pedes Finium or Fines relating to the County of Surrey levied in King’s Court from 7th reign of Richard to end of reign of Henry VII. (Extra volume no 1), 1894 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Petter’s Sports Field, Egham: excavation of a Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age site, by Martin O’Connell. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 10, 1986 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Runnymede Bridge 1976: excavations on the site of a Late Bronze Age settlement, by David Longley. Surrey Arch Soc Research vol no 6, 1980 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY/LONDON & MIDDLESEX ARCH SOC -Excavations in Southwark, 1973-76 and Lambeth 1973—79. SAS/LMAS, 1984, Joint Publication no 3 *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY/LONDON & MIDDLESEX ARCH SOC -Excavations in Staines 1975-76: Friends’ burial ground site. SAS/LMAS, 1984, Joint Publication no 2 *


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SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY/SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL - Surrey historic landscape studies. Newsletter no 1 to date. Surrey CC, 1992 etc *

VINCENT, Alex - Roman roads of Surrey. Middleton Press, 2001

WHIMSTER, D.C. - The archaeology of Surrey. Methuen, 1931 (The County Archaeologies)

WILLIAMS, Jill –Thorpe, a Surrey village in maps: a record of its growth and development. Researched and prepared by Jill Williams aided by members of Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society for the Surrey Archaeological Society’s Village Project. SAS, 2002

Buildings and Conservation

BLATCH, Mervyn - The churches of Surrey. Phillimore, 1997

BROWN, Rev C.K.Francis - Treasures of the Surrey churches in the Diocese of Guildford. Biddles, 1943 *

CRACKLOW, Charles Thomas - Views of all the churches and chapelries in the County of Surrey. Phillimore, 1979 [Includes Ashtead, Fetcham, Great Bookham & Leatherhead]

HARDING, Joan M. - Timber-framed early buildings in Surrey: a pattern for development c1300—1650. Surrey Domestic Buildings Research Group, 1993 [Large box file]

NAIRN, Ian & PEVSNER, Nikolaus - The buildings of England: Surrey. Penguin, 1962

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL - Surrey heritage strategy: consultation report. Draft, 1993 *

WARREN, JOHN, ed - Wealden buildings: studies in the timber-framed tradition of building in Kent, Sussex & Surrey, in tribute to R.T.Mason FSA. Coach Pubn, Horsham, 1990

WEALD & DOWNLAND OPEN AIR MUSEUM - Guide book, ed by Richard Harris, 199—?

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ALLEN, Thomas - A history of the County of Surrey comprising every object of topographical, geological or historical interest. 2 vols. Isaac Taylor Hinton, 1831 [Gollin Bequest] *

ANON - Excursions through Surrey. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1821 [Gollin Bequest] *

AUBREY, John - The natural history and antiquities of the County of Surrey. 5 vols. Kohler & Coombes, 1975 *

BEVAN, G.Phillips - Tourists’ guide to the County of Surrey containing full information concerning all its favourite places of resort. 3rd edn. Stanford, 1887 [Gollin Bequest] *

BLACK’S - Black’s guide to the history, antiquities and topography of the County of Surrey. A & C Black, 1864 [Gollin Bequest] *

BRANDON, Peter - A history of Surrey. (The Darwen County History Series). Phillimore, 1977

BRAYLEY, E.W. - A topographical history of Surrey. 5 vols. Willis, 1850 *

BURNS, David - The sherriffs of Surrey. Phillimore, 1992 *

CLINCH, George & KERSHAW, S.W., eds - Bygone Surrey. S.R.Pubn, 1970

COLLYER, Graham - The Surrey village book. Countryside Books, 1986

EDWARDS, Pamela, ed  - Surrey villages. Surrey Fed of W.I.s, 1968

GREENWOOD, C. & J. - Surrey described: being an enumeration of the seats and residences. . .also of the towns, parishes, hundreds etc. Greenwood, 1823. [Gollin Bequest] *

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JANAWAY, John - Surrey: a county history. Countryside Books, 1994

KENNETT, Dr White, Bishop of Peterborough - Compleat history of England [excerpt dealing with Surrey] c1719 *

MALDEN, H.E. - Rectors and Vicars of Surrey parishes (supplementing and correcting the lists in Manning & Bray). Reprinted from Surrey Arch Soc Collections, vol 27. Roworth, 1914 [Small box file V]

MALDEN, H.E. - A school history of Surrey. Methuen, 1905

MALDEN, H.E., ed - The Victoria history of the County of Surrey. 4 vols & Index. Constable, 1902—1914 *

MANNING, Owen & BRAY, William - The history and antiquities of the county of Surrey. 3 vols. John White & Co, 1809 [Benger Bequest] Outsize *  also Vol 1 only, 1773 [containing Fetcham only & stored in attic & in poor condition]

MORRIS, John, ed - Domesday Book vol 3; Surrey. Phillimore, 1975

MOULE, Thomas – A topographical description of Surrey, 1837. Brian Stevens, Historic Prints, 1972  

OGILVY, J.S. - A pilgrimage in Surrey. 2 vols. Routledge, 1914 [Benger Bequest] *

PERCY, Joan - In pursuit of the picturesque: William Gilpin’s Surrey excursion, the places he passed and their claims to fame. Surrey Gardens Trust, 2001

RIX, Martyn and Alison – Wisley: the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden. Julian Holland Pub., 1989

ROBINSON, David - Surrey through the century 1889-1989. Surrey CC,1989  *

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SALMON, N. -Antiquities of Surrey. Privately published, 1736. 2 copies [ 1 x Gollin Bequest & 1 x Benger Bequest] *

SHOBERL, Mr. - A topographical and historical description of the County of Surrey. Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1813 [Gollin Bequest] *

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Historic towns in Surrey, by Martin O’Connell. Surrey Arch Soc Research Vol no 5, 1977 [Includes Leatherhead] *

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL - List of antiquities of Surrey. 2 copies. 3rd edn 1939 and 4th edn 1951 *

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL - List of antiquities and conservation areas of Surrey. 6th edn. 1976

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL - A guide to the county of Surrey. Pyramid Press, 1958—9? *

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL - Surrey [the county handbook]: the holiday, sporting and industrial facilities of the county: an illustrated review by Marjorie Lloyd, Graham Clarke, G.V.Cherry & others. [Surrey: shopping, industry & pleasure]. Ed J.Burrows & Co Ltd, 193—? [Local adverts on pp 14, 26 & 94] *

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL - Surrey: the county handbook. Ed J.Burrows & Co Ltd, 1960—61? also 4th edn 1957—58? *

SURREY LOCAL HISTORY COUNCIL - Surrey History. Vol 1 nos 1,2,3, & 5 ; Vol 2 to date. Phillimore

TURNER, Dennis - The origins and development of Surrey villages. Surrey Arch Soc, 2001 [Pub as supplement to Bulletin no 347] [Small box file]

UNIVERSITY & PUBLIC SCHOOLS BRIGADE, THE ROYAL FUSILIERS- The history of the Royal Fusiliers “U.P.S.” University and Public Schools Brigade (formation and training). The Times, 1917 [Epsom, Ashtead & Leatherhead]

WALKER, Y.M. - Lords of Croydon Palace; the story of Croydon Old Palace and the Archbishops of Canterbury, 871—1780. Croydon Libraries, 1990

WILSON, Lt Col L. M. and CROWLEY, Lt Col P.T. – The infantry regiments of Surrey. Queen’s Royal Regiment Museum Trustees & Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment, Territorial Trustees, 2002*

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Industrial Archaeology

CROCKER, Glenys - A guide to the Chilworth gunpowder mills. Surrey Ind Hist Group, 1985 [Small box file V]

CROCKER, Glenys, ed - Guide to the industrial archaeology of Surrey. Assn for Ind Arch, 1990

CROCKER, Glenys, ed - Surrey’s industrial past. Surrey Ind Hist Group, 1999

HILLIER, J. - Old Surrey watermills. Skeffington, 1951

KNOWLES, Gordon – Surrey and the motor: the story of road development, vehicle manufacture and motor sport in the county. Surrey Industrial History Group, 2005

PAYNE, G.A. - Surrey industrial archaeology; a field guide. Phillimore, 1977

SHEPHEARD, Chris, comp - Industrious Surrey; historic images of the county at work. Surrey Ind Hist Group/Sutton, 1994

SHEPHEARD, Chris, comp - Surrey at work in old photographs. Sutton, 1992 also Indices to both the above

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STIDDER, Derek - The watermills of Surrey. Barracuda Books, 1990

SURREY INDUSTRIAL HISTORY GROUP- The industrial archaeology of the Mole Valley district; a provisional list, 1985. 2 copies * [1 copy filed inside TARPLEE, Peter - Guide to ind hist of MV]

TARPLEE, Peter - Abinger and the Royal Greenwich Observatory: the recording of magnetism and time. Surrey Ind Hist Group, 1996 [Small box file V]

TARPLEE, Peter - A guide to the industrial history of Mole Valley district. Surrey Ind Hist Group, 1995

TARPLEE, Peter - A guide to the industrial history of the Borough of Elmbridge. Surrey Ind Hist Group, 1998

WAKEFIELD, Peter - A guide to the industrial history of Epsom & Ewell. Surrey Ind Hist Group, 1997

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Literary & Other Associations

BEAVERBROOK, Lord - Men and power, 1917-18. Hutchinson, 1956 [Former resident of Cherkley Court]

BERN-CAMPBELL , Tonia - My speed king: life with Donald Campbell. Sutton Publishing, 2002

BINGHAM, Madeleine - Sheridan, the track of a comet. Allen & U, 1972 [Former resident at Polesden Lacey]

BOX, Muriel, ed - The trial of Marie Stopes. Femina, 1967 [Former resident of Givons Grove & Norbury Park]

BURNEY, Fanny - Evelina. Dent, 1931

CASSON, John - Lewis and Sybil. Collins, 1972 [Sybil Thorndike]

CHISHOLM, Kate - Fanny Burney: her life 1752—1840. Vintage, 1999

COOPER, Charles W. - Town and country, or forty years in private service with the aristocracy. Lovat Dickson, 1937. [One chapter is devoted to Fetcham Park]

DALTON, Richard Francis - Diverse verse. Facsimile, 197—? [Author was a founder member of the Society] *

D’ARBLAY, Madame (Fanny Burney) - Diary and letters. 7 vols [but vol 3 missing]. Hurst & Blackett, 1854 *

D’ARBLAY, Madame (Fanny Burney) - The diary of Fanny Burney, selected & edited by Christopher Lloyd. Roger Ingram, 1948

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DOBSON, Austin - Fanny Burney (Madame D’Arblay). Macmillan, 1904. (English Men of Letters Series)

DU MAURIER, Daphne - Gerald: a portrait. Gollancz, 1934 [Bookham connection]

ENGLISH, Dr M.P. – Mordecai Cubitt Cooke. Victorian naturalist, mycologist, teacher & eccentric. Biopress, 1987 [Reference to Quekett Club dinners held at “The Swan”Hotel]

EVELYN, John - Diary. 2 vols. Dent, 1936 [References to Ashtead and Leatherhead]

FIENNES, Celia - The jouneys of Celia Fiennes, edited by Christopher Morris. Cresset Press, 1947 [References to Ashtead, Leatherhead & Fetcham Park] *

GREEN, Peter - John Skelton. Longmans, 1960 (Writers & Their Work no 128) *

GREEN, R.L. & HOOPER, W. - C,S.Lewis: a biography. Souvenir Press, 1988 [Lewis studied at Gastons, Little Bookham for 2½ years]

HALL, Ruth - Marie Stopes: a biography. A..Deutsch, 1977

HARMAN, Claire - Fanny Burney: a biography. Flamingo, 2000

HELM, P.J. - Jeffreys. Hale, 1966 [Jeffreys stayed at Thorncroft Manor & was related by marriage to the Bludworths]

JUNOR, John - Listening for a midnight train. Pan, 1990 [References to Lord Beaverbrook & Cherkley Court]

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KEPPEL, Sonia - Edwardian daughter. H.Hamilton, 1958 [Daughter of Mrs George Keppel, frequent visitor to Polesden Lacey & Mrs Greville]

LEWIS, C.S. - The Screwtape papers. Bles, 1942

MEREDITH, George - Beauchamp’s career. Constable (Mickleham Edition), 1922 * [ Meredith lived & died at Flint Cottage facing Box Hill]

MEREDITH, George - The ordeal of Richard Feverel. Constable (Mickleham Edition), 1922 *

MEREDITH, George - Poems. 2 vols. Constable, 1913 *

MIDDLETON, C.S., comp - The Broadland photographers; the photographs of J.P.Jennings, P.H.Emerson & G.C.Davies. Wensum Books, 1978. [J.P.Jennings was a local photographer & had a studio in Ashtead]

NICHOLS, Beverley - Merry Hall. Cape, 1951 [Ashtead]

PERCY, Joan — In pursuit of the picturesque: William Gilpin’s Surrey excursion, the places he passed and their claims to fame. Surrey Gardens Trust, 2001

POLLET, Maurice - John Skelton: poet of Tudor England. Translated by John Warrington. Dent, 1971

SITWELL, Osbert - Laughter in the next room. Reprint Soc, 1950 [Sitwell visited Polesden Lacey in Mrs Greville’s time]

SKELTON, John - The complete English poems. Penguin, 1983

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SKELTON, John - Poems. Heinemann, 1924 *

SKELTON, John - Poems: selected & edited with an introduction, notes & glossary by Robert S.Kinsman. (Clarendon Medieval & Tudor Series). OUP, 1969

STEER, F.W. - Memoirs and letters of James Dallaway, 1763—1834. Reprint from Sussex Arch Soc vol 103, 1965. 2 copies also Postscript to above. Reprint from Sussex Arch Soc vol 105, 1967 [Both in small box file I]

STOPES, Dr Marie - Enduring passion: further new contributions to the solution of sex difficulties being the continuation of “Married Love”. Putnam, 1928

STOPES, Dr Marie - Marriage in my time. Rich & Cowan, 1935

STOPES, Dr Marie - Married love. 11th edn. Putnam, 1923

STOPES, Dr Marie - Sex and the young. Putnam, 1929

STOPES, Dr Marie - Wise parenthood. 23rd edn. Putnam, 1940

TUPPER, M.F. - Stephen Langton, or the days of King John: a romance of the Silent Pool. 2nd edn. Biddles, 193—? [Albury] *

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Place Names

GOVER, J.E.B. and others - The place-names of Surrey. CUP, 1934 (English Place-Names Soc, vol XI)


HARLEIAN SOCIETY -The Visitations of Surrey; 1530; 1572—1623; 1899 also The Visitation of Surrey  1662-8 *

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL, SURREY RECORD OFFICE - Researching Surrey’s past; a guide to sources. Surrey CC, 1996 [Large box file]

(SURREY) DOMESTIC BUILDINGS RESEARCH GROUP - Index of Surrey Probate Inventories, 16th to 19th centuries, 1986. Compiled by Joan Holman & Marion Harridge.

SURREY QUARTER SESSIONS - Standing Orders, 1879 *

SURREY QUARTER SESSIONS RECORDS - Order Book and Sessions Rolls, presented by the Records & Ancient Monuments Committee, vol 6, 1659—1661. Surrey CC, 1934; vol 7, 1661—1663. Surrey CC, 1935; vol 9, 1666—1668. Surrey CC, 1951 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Ashley House (Walton-on-Thames) building accounts, 1602—1607. SRS vol 29, 1977 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Call book….episcopal visitations of Diocese of Winchester, 1581 and 1582. SRS vol 23, 1956

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Chertsey Abbey Cartularies, vol 2, part 1. SRS vol 12 (continued), 1958 * also vol 2, part 2.SRS vol 12 (concl) 1963 *

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SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Chertsey Abbey court rolls abstract. SRS no 48, vol 21, 1954 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Deposition book of Richard Wyatt, JP, 1767—1776. SRS vol 30, 1978 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - The 1851 religious census: Surrey. Transcribed by Cliff Webb and edited by David Robinson. SRS vol 35, 1997 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Guildford Borough records 1514-1546. SRS vol 24, 1958 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Gunpowder mills: documents of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. SRS vol 36, 2000 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Kingston-upon-Thames Bridgewarden’s accounts, 1526—1567. SRS vol 22, 1955 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Kingston-upon-Thames register of apprentices, 1563—1713. SRS vol 28, 1974*

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Lambeth Churchwarden’s accounts 1504-1645, and vestry Book, 1610. Part 4 - Appendix, Index of Names & Index of Subjects. SRS no 47, vol 20, 1950 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Minutes of the Board of Directors of the Reading, Guildford & Reigate Railway Company. SRS vol 33, 1987 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Mitcham Settlement Examinations, 1784-1814. SRS vol 27, 1973 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Parson and parish in eighteenth century Surrey: replies to Bishop’s visitations. SRS vol 34, 1994 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - The 1235 Surrey Eyre. Vol 1 - Introduction. SRS vol 31, 1979 *

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SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - The 1235 Surrey Eyre. Vol 2 - Text, translation and notes to text. SRS vol 32, 1983 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY – The 1235 Surrey Eyre. Vol 3 – Index. SRS vol 37, 2002

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY -  The 1248-9 special Eyre of Surrey and Kent. SRS vol 38, 2004

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Surrey manorial accounts. SRS no 37, vol 15, 1935 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Surrey Quarter Sessions records: order books & sessions rolls, 1663—1666. SRS no 39, vol 16, 1938 *

SURREY RECORD SOCIETY - Wimbledon Vestry minutes, 1736; 1743-1788. SRS vol 25, 1964 *

TAYLOR, Brian - The Archdeacons of Surrey: a provisional prosopography. St Thomas’ Trust, Guildford, 1992  *

TICKNER, Vincent - An introduction to the Tickner families in north-west Surrey up to the 20th century. (Family History Series no 1). Gamco, 1986 *

TICKNER, Vincent - The Tickners: their distribution before 1600 and their origins. (Family History Series no 2). Gamco, 1987 *

WEBB, Cliff - Research Aids 4,5,7,9,11,12,16,19,29,32,34,35 West Surrey Family History Society, 1992 etc [Small box file]

WEST SURREY FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY - Petty Sessions Minutes -Copthorne and Effingham hundreds, 1784—1793. Transcribed and indexed by Cliff Webb, 1989 [Small box file]

WEST SURREY FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY - Record Series 1,2,3,6, 9,10,12, 19, 20, 21, 22 , 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 , 30, 31, 33 , 34,35,36 [Small box files]*

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Social History including Transport

ALEXANDER, Matthew – More Surrey tales. Countryside Books, 1986

ALEXANDER, Matthew - Tales of old Surrey. Countryside Books, 1987

“BELL STREET” - East Surrey: a story of much of the motor bus operation in Surrey and surrounding districts. H.J.Pubns, 1974

DAVISON, Mark & CURRIE, Ian - Surrey in the seventies: photographs and memories of the 1970s. Frosted Earth, 1995

DAVISON, Mark & CURRIE, Ian - Surrey in the sixties: memories of a swinging decade. Frosted Earth, 1994

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Headley & Walton-On-The-Hill

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Leatherhead: see also Mole Valley & Literary & Other Associations

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LEATHERHEAD & DISTRICT LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Old buildings of Leatherhead, Ashtead, Bookham and Fetcham. Reprinted from LDLHS Proceedings vol 1 no 4 by Leatherhead & District Countryside Protection Soc, 1952. 3 copies [Large box file]

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LEATHERHEAD & DISTRICT LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Newsletters. Full set kept in Museum office


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LEATHERHEAD PARISH CHURCH, FRIENDS OF - The west door curtain. 1990 [Small box file I]

LEATHERHEAD PARISH MAGAZINE - 1880; 1884-85; 1886-87; 1888-89; 1890-91; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896; 18970-98; 1899; 1909-10; 1911-12; 1934; 1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939; 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944 2nd copy of 1890 and single copy of March 1909* A full set of parish magazines from 1880 to date is in the Surrey History Centre

LEATHERHEAD PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL - Parish Church of St Mary & St Nicholas, Leatherhead. 1927 2 copies [Small box file I]

LEATHERHEAD, THE SWAN HOTEL - Picturesque country drives in Leatherhead and neighbourhood: description and tariff. c1900—1910 [Coach drives from the Swan Hotel by “Perseverance” and “Rocket”] On loan to Museum

LEATHERHEAD, THE SWAN HOTEL - The Swan Hotel, Leatherhead: tariff and guide booklet. 1912. 2 copies. On loan to Museum

LEATHERHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - Abstract of accounts: 1948-49; 1949—50 and 1950—51 *

LEATHERHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - The “Borough” pocket guide to Leatherhead, specially compiled by A.W.Newborn. Edward J.Burrow, 1909? *

LEATHERHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL – Building byelaws made under the Public Health Act, 1936. Shaw & Sons Ltd, 1953

LEATHERHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL - The official street plan to Leatherhead and district. G.W.May Ltd, 195-? also 197-? *

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LEATHERHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL & LEATHERHEAD & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF TRADE - The Leatherhead district [Ashtead, the Bookhams, Fetcham, Leatherhead]. The Grove Pub Co (M/C)Ltd, 1950 6 copies

LEATHERHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL & LEATHERHEAD & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF TRADE - The official guide to the Leatherhead district [Ashtead, the Bookhams, Fetcham, Leatherhead]. The Surburban & Provincial Association (G.W.May Ltd). 1965-67 2 copies; 1967-69 2 copies; 1970-72 2 copies; 1973-74 2 copies

LEATHERHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL & LEATHERHEAD & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF TRADE - The official guide to Leatherhead and district. Ed J.Burrow & Co Ltd, c1959

LOVATT, J.W. - The manor of Thorncroft: a short history. Howard Humphreys, 1977. 3 copies [Large box file]

LOVATT, J.W. – Howard Humphries: the first eighty years. [Thorncroft Manor]. Howard Humphries, 1979 [Large box file]

LOWTHER, A.G. - Pachenesham, Leatherhead: the excavation of the medieval moated site known as “The Mounts”, with a contribution by A.T.Ruby; ed by Derek Renn. Reprint from Surrey Arch Soc Collections vol 74, 1983 [Large box file]

MALDEN, H.E. - The Rectory and Advowson of Letherhead Church, and the Advowson of Ashtead. Reprint from Surrey Arch Soc Collections vol 38, 1930 [Small box file I]

MOGFORD, Ian - CERL [ie Central Electricity Research Laboratories]; from shed to watershed. National Power PLC, 1993 [Large box file]

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Shopfronts in Leatherhead town centre

Conservation areas in Mole Valley: Leatherhead 2 copies

A guide to towns and countryside around Dorking & Leatherhead

[Large box file]

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Mole Valley Leatherhead riverside walk historical, wildlife, River Mole. MVDC, 2000 [Small box file I]

MOULSON, Bernard - Some notes on the Catholic Church of Our Lady & St Peter. Privately published, 1997 [Small box file I]

PIGOT, J.& Co - Leatherhead, Great Bookham, Ashtead and neighbourhood in 1839, compiled from Pigot’s 1839 Directory of Surrey by John W.Brown. Local History Reprints, 1996 [Small box file I]

POULTON, Rob - Saxon secrets in Surrey. ESSO, 1990 [Large box file]

POWELL, Goff - ‘Up the Tanners” from the past to the present and looking to the future: personal recollections of fifty years of following the ‘ups and downs’ of Leatherhead Football Club. Leatherhead FC, 1997 *

RICE-OXLEY, Mary - Morris Snelgrove’s diaries. LDLHS, 1996 [Extracts from the diaries of an original member of our Society, describing events connected with the Society, 1946-1985] [Small box file I]

RICE-OXLEY, Mary - The story of Hampton Cottage, LDLHS, 1986 2 copies [Small box file I]

RICE-OXLEY, Mary - The Swan, Leatherhead and its brewey: 300 years of history. LDLHS, 2001

ROYAL SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND - An account of the School for the Indigent Blind: extracts from annual reports covering 179 years. RSB, 1978 [Small box file I]

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RUBY, A.T. - The manor of Pachenesham, Leatherhead. Reprinted from Surrey Arch Soc Collections, vol 55. 2 copies [Small box file I]

SEDGWICK, Rev S.N. - Leatherhead and its legends: a novel guide to the neighbourhood. 3 copies.(2 x 189-? and 1 x 2nd edn 1905) *

SIDDALL, Margaret - From schoole to school: changing scenes 1699-1999. Devonshire House, 1999 [St Martin-in-the-Fields School evacuated to St Johns, Leatherhead, 1939-1945]

SMITH, D. - A short history of Leatherhead Congregational Church (now Christ Church URC) 1829-1979. 1984 [Small box file I] also revised edition, 1990

STANBURY, Florence A. - The story of the Cotonian Collection. Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery, 1992 [William Cotton III, 1794-1863 lived at The Priory, Leatherhead. The cover shows a watercolour of the library at the Priory] [Large box file]

STEER, F.W. - Memoirs and letters of James Dallaway, 1763-1834. Reprint from Sussex Arch Soc Collections vol 103, 1965. 2 copies [Small box file I]

STEER, F.W. - Postscript to above. Reprint from Sussex Arch Soc Collections vol 105, 1967 [Small box file I]

STUTTARD, J.C. - A history of Leatherhead. Friends of Parish Church & LDLHS, 1986 [Large box file]

STUTTARD, J.C. - A history of Leatherhead. Privately published, 1996 [Small box file I]

STUTTARD, J.C. - A short history of Leatherhead. Privately published, 2000 [Small box file I]

STUTTARD, J.C. - St John’s School, Leatherhead: a short history. St John’s, 1998

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TOC H - Leatherhead Group Magazine, vol 1 no 1, Dec 1930 [Small box file I]

TYRRELLS WOOD GOLF CLUB LTD - Golf at Tyrrells Wood. TWGC, 1985 [Small box file I]

VARDEY, Edwina, ed - History of Leatherhead: a town at the crossroads. LDLHS, 1988 3 copies

VARDEY, Edwina - Leatherhead: a history. Phillimore, 2001

VICKERY PRESS LTD - Leatherhead official guide. 1924? *

WARD, Rev Arthur - The scene of Wesley’s last sermon [Kingston House, Leatherhead]. Privately published, 1929 [Small box file I]

WESLEY MEMORIAL METHODIST CHURCH, LEATHERHEAD - A hundred years in the life of Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, Leatherhead: 1893—1993.

WILLIAMS, Diana - Thorndike cookery book. Thorndike Theatre, 1973. *

WINCH, Alfred W. – The bells of S.Mary and S.Nicholas, Leatherhead, Surrey. Privately published, 1958 [small box file I]

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Leatherhead: supplementary list

ALDRICH, Richard - School and society in Victorian Britain: Joseph Payne and the new world of education. Garland, 1995. [Dr Joseph Payne’s private grammar school was in The Mansion for 30 years]

ROWLINSON, John - J.77 are you receiving? The Book Guild Ltd, 1997 [Reminiscences of a Police Constable motor-cyclist stationed in Leatherhead in the 1950s]

SURREY ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Historic towns in Surrey, by Martin O’Connell. Surrey Arch Soc Research Vol no 5, 1977 [Includes Leatherhead ]

PARKER, Eric - Surrey naturalist. Hale, 1952 [Includes Mole swallows near Leatherhead]

HARVEY, John - Conservation of buildings. John Baker, 1972 [Contains photographs of Sweech House before & after conservation]

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Directories which include Leatherhead & district

BRITISH TELECOM - Telephone directory: Dorking and district, Jan 1982*

BRITISH TELECOM - Yellow pages, 1979: London SW *

DORKING & LEATHERHEAD ADVERTISER - The 1936 directory to Dorking, Leatherhead & district * also 1921 *

KELLY’S, pub - Directory of Dorking, Leatherhead, Ashtead & neighbourhood, 1950 *

KELLY’S, pub - Directory of Epsom, Leatherhead & district, 1932 also 1938 (2 copies) * also 1925, 1934 & 1940

KELLY’S, pub - Directory of Surrey, 1890 *

KELLY’S, pub – Leatherhead in 1878 [extracted from Kelly’s 1878 Directory of Surrey] Local History Reprints, 2003? [large box file]

KELLY’S, pub – Leatherhead in 1882 [extracted from Kelly,s 1882 Directory of Surrey] Local History Reprints, 2003? [large box file]

LONDON TRANSPORT - Complete local road and rail timetables: Dorking, Guildford, Leatherhead & district. March 1969 .*

LONDON TRANSPORT - Complete local road and rail timetables: Epsom, Ewell, Sutton, Cheam and district. Oct 1967 *

POST OFFICE - Local telephone directory: Dorking and district. Mar 1971, Mar 1973 and May 1980 *

PULLINGER’S - Directory of Epsom, Ewell and Ashtead. Pullinger, 1922 [Alphabetical list of residents of Ewell & Ashtead only]


THOMSON’S, pub - Local directories: Reigate area 81 - 2, 82 - 3, 83 - 4, 84 – 5 *

WEINER, J., Ltd, pub - Epsom, Ewell and Leatherhead Green Guide 1968—9 and 1973 *

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Mickleham & West Humble

HILL, Constance - Juniper Hall. Bodley Head, 1904 *

KELLY, Linda - Juniper Hall: an English refuge from the French Revolution. Weidenfeld & N, 1991

NORBURY PARK ART & LANDSCAPE PROJECT – Images of Norbury Park. [Poetry, drawings & photographs]. Norbury Park Art & Landscape Project, 1998 [small box file VI]

ROBINSON, P.F. - An attempt to ascertain the age of the Church of Mickleham, Surrey. Carpenter, 1824 [Outsize] *

ROBINSON, P.F. - Illustrations of Mickleham Church, Surrey. Carpenter, 1824 [Outsize] A second copy is bound with “An attempt etc” as above. (Benger Bequest) *

SERMONETA, Duchess of - The Locks of Norbury: the story of a remarkable family in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Murray, 1940

SHEPPERD, Ronald - Micklam: the story of a parish. Mickleham Pubns, 1991

SHEPPERD, Ronald - The manor of Wistomble in the Parish of Mickleham:  a local history. Westhumble Assn, 1982

VASSEUR, Isabel & others - Arcadia revisited: the place of landscape. Black Dog Pubn, 1997 [Norbury Park]

WOODS, Samuel, compiler – Mickleham records; being a series of papers contributed to the Mickleham Parish Magazine, with notes and added chapters by Archd. Gordon Pollock. May 1900

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Mole Valley

GOODACRE, Don – Exploring Surrey: the Mole Valley. Privately pub., 198- [small box file V]

HOMELAND ASSOCIATION - Dorking, Leatherhead & Ashtead with their  surroundings: a handbook for visitors and residents. The Homeland Handbooks vol 44. 1 copy c1915 (Gollin Bequest). 2nd copy 6th edn 1919?. 3rd copy 1st edn 1906 by Joseph E.Morris (in poor condition)

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - A guide to the towns and countryside around Dorking and Leatherhead.  199-? *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Mole Valley local plan, deposit version April 1996: schedule of Inspector’s recommendations and Council’s response, May 1999. MV District Council, 1999 *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Mole Valley local plan, deposit version April 1996: schedule of proposed modifications, May 1999. MV District Council, 1999 *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Mole Valley planning information handbook. Pyramid Press, 1989 *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Official guide. 1987-88 3 copies. 1989? 4 copies. 1991? 2 copies *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Official street plan 1975-6  2 copies,. 197—? and 199—? *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Planning in Mole Valley. 1978 & 1980 *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Review of local government in Surrey. MV District Council, 1994 *

MOLE VALLEY DISTRICT COUNCIL - Silver Jubilee souvenir brochure and programme of local events and celebrations in the Mole Valley district. Rosaletta Pub Co, 1977. [Advertisements, Cleeve Road flood photo and some history] [Large box file]

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CROSSLAND, E.A. - The Royal Kent School, Oxshott. Esher District Local Hist Soc. Monograph no 29, 1999 [Filed with GIDVANI below]

GIDVANI, Dr B.S. - Oxshott: the story of a Surrey village. Baron, 1996 [Corrections & Additions by E.A.Crossland accompany it]


HOOPER, Wilfred - Reigate: its story through the ages: a history of the town and parish including Redhill. Surrey Arch Soc., 1945

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Shere & Tillingbourne Valley

NOYES, Ann - Shere poverty: from parish workhouse to Union workhouse. Twiga Books, Gomshall, 1996 [Small box file V]

SHERE, CHURCH OF ST JAMES - A history of the church of St James, Shere. 6th edn, 1976 [Small box file V]

SHERE, GOMSHALL & PEASLAKE LOCAL HIST SOC - Old houses in the parish of Shere. SGPLHS, 1978 [Small box file V]

SHERE, GOMSHALL & PEASLAKE LOCAL HIST SOC - Shere, Gomshall & Peaslake  :a short history. SGPLHS, 1981 [Small box file V]

SHERE, GOMSHALL & PEASLAKE LOCAL HIST SOC - The Tillingbourne river story. SGPLHS, 1984 [Small box file V]

SHERE, GOMSHALL & PEASLAKE LOCAL HIST SOC - Shere: a Surrey village in maps; a record of its growth and development. Surrey Arch Soc, 2001 *

Stoke D’Abernon

JOHNSTON, Philip Mainwaring - Stoke D’Abernon Church: some recent discoveries. Surrey Arch Soc Collections vol 26, 1913 *

STOKE D’ABERNON CHURCH - Church of St Mary, Stoke D’Abernon (Information derived from two articles by P.M.Johnston published in Surrey Arch Soc Collections vol 20, 1907)*

STOKE D’ABERNON CHURCH - St Mary’s, Stoke D’Abernon. 1958, 2 copies also 1967 and 4th edn 1975 [Large box file ]


CLEW, K.R. - Tadworth Station (1900—2000) : a brief history of its effect on the development of the village. Walton-on-Hill Local Hist Soc, 2000 [ Small box file V]

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