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  >> Helen Kathleen Keswick

   > William Keswick in Egypt

   > William Keswick in China

   > Daughter of an MP

   > Childhood at Eastwick Park

   > Being ill in a big, cold house

   > Going to the seaside and Eire

   > When William Keswick elected

   > Guy Fawkes Night

   > Childhood playmates

   > William Keswick's study

   > Memories of the farm

   > Country memories

  > Boxhill, Bookies, Blacksmiths

  > Epsom races

  > Life after World War One

  > Travelling to France

  > Visiting & working in China

  > Comments on Jarrow March



Kathleen Keswick was the youngest daughter of William Keswick, MP and Lord of the Manor of Great Bookham. She was brought up at Eastwick Park House.

Interview date: 1991

Location:  Leatherhead area

Interviewer: Edwina Vardey