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GEORGE DENCH (1905 - 2001)

George Dench is believed to have been the longest serving chorister in any English parish church choir with no less than 87 years of service. A lifelong Leatherhead resident he joined the choir as a boy of nine and was still a member at his death aged 96. For age reasons he saw military service in neither world war but was an auxiliary fireman during the London Blitz. He devoted his life to working for the community.

Interview date: 8 November 1983

Venue: 18 Copthorne Road, Leatherhead

Interviewer: Edwina Vardey


  >> George Dench

  > Rustic early life

  > Growing up

  > Early brush with death

  > School days near the brewery

  > Meeting my wife

  > The first world war

  > Joining the scouts

  > Joining the choir

  > Seeking employment