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Oral Histories



(1946 - )

Georgina Campbell, only child of Donald Campbell, was born 16 September 1946. Three years after this interview she took up power boat racing and won the UK Offshore Boating Association Championship with her then partner, Mike Standridge, as well as the Royal Yachting Association national championship. In the same year she broke the Women's World Water Speed Record at 122.8 mph. Attempting to beat this on the same day she broke both collar bones but lived to tell the tale. In 1990 she did break her own record in New Zealand, achieving 166 mph in a three point hydroplane. Her record stood for three years before being beaten. Living in New Zealand, she was awarded the Queen's Service Order for promoting water safety. In January 2017 she returned to Coniston Water to mark the 50th anniversary of her father's death there.

Interview date: 31 October 1981


Interviewer: Edwina Vardey