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ELSIE GREEN MBE (1904-1997)

Elsie Green, MBE was Director of the Polesden Lacey Open Air Theatre for 36 years. She was also drama therapist at Horton Hospital, Epsom, and an inspiration to many budding performers, some of whom went on to successful careers on stage and screen. Four years before her death she was interviewed at her Epsom home.

Interview date: 28 October 1993

Location:23 St Martin's Avenue, Epsom

Interviewer: Edwina Vardey


  >> Elsie Green MBE

   > Early years

   > Introduction to theatre

   > How I became a Director

   > Theatre in wartime

   > Polesden Lacey - The Start

   > Working with mental patients

   > Psychopaths and others

   > After Polesden Lacey

   > Giving advice

   > Personal life &       Shakespeare's Globe

   > Staging Henry V

   > Views on acting

  > Polesden Lacey anecdotes