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  >>  Ed & Moira Tims

  > Early days

  > Career with Milk Board

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  > Children followed you

  > A home in Fetcham

  > What was this area like

  > Community  Involvement

  > Countryside protection

  > Moira's early life

 > Fetcham as it used to be

 > Bringing up the children

 > Did you go to church

 > Written reflections on Fetcham

ALRIC EDRED TIMS (1927 - ) & MOIRA TIMS (1926 - )

Ed and Moira Tims have lived in Fetcham since 1955 but Ed's family lived in the area for centuries earlier. His career in agriculture involved a transformation of livestock breeding with international implications. They have seen Fetcham change dramatically during their lives and recall a very much smaller and more open village surrounded by fields.   

Interview date: 28 March 2017

Location: 38 Mole Road, Fetcham, KT22 9RN

Interviewer: Tony Matthews