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W series

When the Society was formed in 1946 code letters were assigned to the various classes of records. The ‘W’ series was to comprise documents of all kinds, printed or handwritten - manorial. Legal, church and civil, Parish Registers, Census, buildings, education, communications, etc. Most of the documents are copies, though some, such as sale particulars, are original.

X series

The ‘X’ series is best described as “general subjects” as distinct from ‘W’ which deals with copies of official documents and archives such as Census returns etc.

In practice there is an inevitable overlap between the two series. The complete Census for 1851, for example, would be ‘W’, whereas an extract in a specific enquiry would be ‘X’.

Subject matter of lesser historical importance is usually put in the ‘X’ series even though it may be documentary. An old cricket score book would be a case in point. Allowance must also be made for some inconsistency and it is advisable to check both indices when consulting the records.

The subject indicator is only a guide and a given document may well contain information on a category other than that indicated. A Church Vestry Minute might relate to several subjects for example.

The actual documents are held under the control of the four Parish Archivists. Some documents are held centrally, particularly those of Leatherhead. Others are in the homes of the Archivists in Ashtead, Bookham and Fetcham. The Records Secretary is responsible for for co-ordination and overall organisation. Enquiries by tel: 01372 4386348 or contact us on http://www.leatherheadhistory.org/contact

The documents have been sorted by District, Series and then by subject. Digitised copies (pdf), where provided, can be viewed by clicking on Accession No’s coloured blue and underlined e.g. BX0145/00/00